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A16B-1210-0380 | FANUC Add axis board

Add axis/mem / analog only (#10/100), 4th axis for model 10-MA, CNC



FANUC : A16B-1210-0380

SKU : kh016G699_DFR



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519.13€ Tax Excl.



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About the category

PLC expansion modules

Programmable controllers have revolutionized the industrial world by enabling advanced and precise automation. Whether for complex industrial applications or simpler tasks, these devices offer immense flexibility. To further increase this flexibility, the use of extension modules has become essential. These modules add additional functionality to PLCs (programmable logic controllers), making automation systems more robust and efficient.

What is an expansion module?

An expansion module is an additional component that can be attached to a programmable controller to increase its functional capabilities. It often improves system flexibility by adding analog, digital I/O or even specific capabilities like wireless communication or integration with specific machine tools. Brands such as PLCnext Control or TPU Coral Edge offer various module options that can adapt to varying needs.

Features added by plugins

Communication modules allow controllers to communicate with other equipment via different network protocols. This means that data can be collected and shared seamlessly between various system components. For example, an Ethernet module could enable a fast and stable connection with central computer systems.

I/O (input/output) modules increase the number of sensors and actuators that the controller can manage. An input module can collect analog or digital signals from a wide variety of sensors, while an output module can directly control multiple actuators like motors or valves.

Specialized modules provide very specific functions such as motion control, advanced human-machine interfaces (HMI), or even image processing capabilities. With these modules, it becomes possible to optimize industrial processes and reduce downtime by quickly identifying anomalies.

Practical examples

From a practical perspective, consider a factory where a controller must monitor a production line starting with a series of sensors and ending with robotic arms working in synchronization. Here, each step requires a specific plugin. Communication modules will ensure that all elements are interconnected without problems. In parallel, I/O modules will capture all important data coming from the sensors to regulate subsequent actions.

What are the applications of the plug-in module in modern industry?

In manufacturing industries, expansion modules play a significant role. Take the example of the automobile assembly line. The programmable controllers here manage hundreds of sensors which check the quality of the parts. Thanks to vision modules capable of image processing, errors or defects can be detected immediately, thus drastically reducing rejection rates and improving the quality of the final product.

A similar application can be seen in food packaging industries where high precision is required to ensure safety and compliance. Expansion modules add features such as fill level detection, barcode scanning and surface inspection, ensuring rigorous quality control.

Maintenance and troubleshooting

The implementation of extension modules also considerably simplifies the maintenance and troubleshooting of PLCs. If a problem occurs, it is often enough to remove or replace a faulty module without affecting the entire system. This facilitates updates and minimizes downtime, increasing operational efficiency.

What are the long-term economic benefits?

The addition of expansion modules offers significant economic advantages. First, it makes it possible to extend the functionality of an existing PLC without needing to reinvest in a completely new system. Next, the ability to customize modules based on specific needs reduces wasted resources and improves ROI. Being able to replace or update specific modules instead of the entire system also provides potential savings on maintenance and upgrade costs.

To take a concrete example, a company using old PLCs could modernize their system simply by adding modern extension modules rather than rebuilding their entire PLC fleet. This results not only in substantial savings, but also in increased productivity thanks to the expanded capabilities offered by modern modules.

Flexibility and extended lifespan

Finally, the flexibility to add or remove modules according to the evolving needs of the business guarantees an extended lifespan for programmable controllers. As an organization grows or adopts new technologies, its needs may change. The modularity offered by the extensions ensures that the hardware follows this evolution without requiring obviously costly radical changes.

kheeos offers you a wide range of extension modules for PLCs.

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