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MDLS2050N00A | NUM Brushless motor drive

Compact 30kw spindle drives for a standard 400-460v motor with size 1 internal resistor braking



NUM : MDLS2050N00A

SKU : kh018H892_DFR



594.00€ Tax Excl.

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594.00€ Tax Excl.



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About the category

Inverter drives

One of the tools that proves essential in this quest is the frequency variator. But what exactly is it, and why is it so crucial to modern manufacturing?

What are the criteria to take into account when choosing a frequency converter?

The capacity of the drive in terms of power and current

To choose a frequency inverter, it is essential to take into account the power of the motor it must control. This power, expressed in kilowatts (kW) or horsepower (HP), determines the maximum capacity of the drive to provide the energy necessary for optimal operation of the motor.

The rated current of the drive

It is also worth considering the current rating that the drive should be able to handle. The latter, measured in amperes (A), corresponds to the current which flows in the circuit when the motor is running at its nominal speed. Choosing a drive with a rated current greater than that of the motor guarantees optimal and long-lasting use of the equipment.

Supply voltage and frequency

Variable frequency drives typically operate with a three-phase supply voltage, between 380 and 500 volts. So remember to check the compatibility of the drive with the voltage available on your site.

In addition, the range of frequency supported by the drive is also a determining criterion. A wide range allows better adaptability to different situations and applications.

The functionalities offered by the drive

Once the power capacity and voltage and frequency ranges have been assessed, it is important to look at the features offered by the drive.

The type of control

There are several types of controls to regulate motor speed:

·       V/Hz control: particularly suited to simple applications with low demands in terms of speed precision.

·       Sensorless vector control: provides better control of motor speed and torque than traditional V/Hz, without requiring an external sensor.

·       Vector control with sensor: used for applications requiring maximum motor efficiency, fast response and very high speed precision.

It is therefore crucial to determine the type of control appropriate to your application before deciding on a drive.

Scalability and Connectivity

It is also worth considering the possibility of adding additional peripherals or modules to expand the capabilities of the drive. Thus, we can consider:

·       the integration of a communication unit,

·       the addition of a filter against harmonics,

·       an automatic restart function in the event of a power outage,

·       etc.

Finally, connectivity and compatibility with different industrial communication protocols (PROFIBUS, Ethernet, Modbus, etc.) are important criteria not to be neglected to facilitate the integration of the drive into your existing system.

Taking into account standards and certifications

Electrical equipment must comply with current regulations and standards. Concerning frequency variators, we find in particular:

·       the IEC 61800-3 standard which deals with EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) aspects linked to the drive;

·       the IEC 60204-1 standard which concerns the electrical safety of machines;

·       CE marking which guarantees compliance with European safety, health and environmental requirements.

Choosing a certified drive that complies with current standards will not only ensure user safety, but also avoid any interruption or malfunction during operation of the controlled motor.

Whether you are looking for new, used or reconditioned frequency drives, kheoos is the specialist in the reuse of industrial spare parts.

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