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200616/H | NUM Servo Control Cards

DO 750B



NUM : 200616/H

SKU : kh010O305_BFR


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23 cm


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18 cm

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European manufacturer of the automotive sector (dormant stock & surplus)

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Excellent - Warehouse-ventilated area, away from dust (storage cabinets)


3 months

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About the category

Servo drives & controls

Servo Drives and Controls: A Brief Overview

What Are Servo Drives and Controls?

Servo drives are essential components used to deliver precise power to servo motors. These motors, equipped with feedback systems, accurately control position, speed, and torque in various robotic and machine automation systems. Servo drives play a critical role in achieving smooth motion, high accuracy, and dynamic performance.

How Do Servo Drives Work?

When a motion control master software issues a command, the servo drive interprets it and delivers the necessary electric current to the servo motor. The feedback loop continuously monitors the motor’s actual position, speed, and torque, ensuring alignment with the desired profile. Whether it’s a CNC machine, a robotic arm, or a conveyor system, servo drives enable precise and responsive motion control.

Key Features of Servo Drives:

  1. Closed-Loop Control: Servo drives maintain a closed-loop system by constantly adjusting the motor’s output based on feedback signals.
  2. Dynamic Response: They handle rapid changes in load and speed, making them ideal for applications requiring high acceleration and deceleration rates.
  3. Position Accuracy: Servo drives ensure accurate positioning, critical in tasks like pick-and-place operations or printing.
  4. Smooth Motion Profiles: They create smooth velocity and acceleration profiles, minimizing jerky movements.
  5. Compatibility: Servo drives can interface with various motion controllers via dedicated communication networks like SERCOS and EtherCAT.

In summary, servo drives and controls are the backbone of precision motion systems, enabling efficient automation across industries.

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